Governing Documents

Governing Documents

A board of directors is an essential component of the cooperative business model. The Hampden Park Co-op (HPC) Board of Directors uses a structure called Policy Governance to oversee the co-op and to guide its work, allowing for an ongoing conversation between the board and the general manager (GM). The board is charged with setting the vision of the organization and making strategic action to move in the right direction. In addition, it proffers a set of policies that articulate the manner in which business operations must adhere to broader HPC values. The GM, in turn, is charged with managing business operations and presents monthly reports that allow the board to assure compliance with the governing policies.

Policy Governance allows the co-op to clearly distinguish between work best suited for the board, and work best suited for the GM and staff. Board directors are not involved in the minutiae of running the business; that work is left to our GM and HPC team. Instead, per the language of Ends/Purpose Policy A5, the board is elected by the membership “to be their voice in setting, implementing and monitoring policies which forward the goals and purposes of the cooperative.” Consider the board of directors as stewards, elected to ensure that the co-op’s business operations live up to the member community’s ideals.

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Here are bylaws, articles of incorporation, and sundry other documents related to the general structure and governance of the Hampden Park Co-op, Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Bylaws of Hampden Park Co-op

Legally called the "Raymond Avenue Cooperative at Hampden Park", these are the bylaws of the Hampden Park Co-op, approved by the membership June 10, 1993, with additions in 2010.

Board of Directors Policy Register

This is the policy register or manual the HPC Board of Directors uses as a working guide to aid them in decision making.

Purchase Agreement for 928 Raymond Avenue

This is the (unsigned) copy of the purchase agreement by which Hampden Park Co-op acquired the building at 928 Raymond from the International Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) in 2009, making HPC only the second owner of the building since it was built in 1902.

Articles of Incorporation

These are the articles of incorporation amended in 1993 after the Hampden Park Co-op legally changed from a non-profit entity to a cooperative.
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